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the noisettes.

don't give up.

we love the noisettes!
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The LiveJournal community for The Noisettes.

The Noisettes are from London, England and started in 2003 when Shingai and Dan (formerly of the band, Sonarfly) began writing, playing and hanging out more intensely then before. They met Jamie in December 2003 and went straight into the studio to record their 4 track debut "Three Moods of the Noisettes!" due to be released mid summer 2004 on Side Salad Records.

Their music is schizophrenically comtradictive. One minute rough, raw and explosively dramatic, the next, detached, calm and serene. Shingai is a provocative lady with the most sublimely powerful and beautiful voice you'll ever hear. She also has a liking for climbing on to PA systems and applying tribal markings on her face. Dan and Jamie are two hairy guys that could easily vaporize a dog walking in front of the stage with their rhythmic rock and sleazy blues influenced undulations alone.

They fly without a safety net in every performance. Equipment troubles or security guards cannot keep them down as many an unsuspecting audience member will testify. Possibly more intense live than the White Stripes.

VIDEO: The Noisettes - Don't Give Up (Directed by Danny Parsons)

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